Just as a lotus leaf remains clean and dry in water, he who offers all his actions to the Highest, without a trace of attachment, is not tainted by evil.


The person of unity, harmonized in yoga, surrenders the reward of his work and thus attains final peace. The person of disharmony, ruled by desire, is attached to his reward and remains in bondage.

One who sees the Absolute abides in Brahman. His intellect is steady; gone is his delusion. When pleasure comes he is not shaken; when pain comes he is not depressed.

With conflict healed and sins destroyed, with mind disciplined and joyfully participating in the welfare of all beings, one becomes a rishi, a sage, and attains Absolute freedom, moksha.


For the person aspiring to ascend to yoga, union with Self, dedicated action is said to be the means. When he has attained Self awareness, abiding in peaceful serenity is the means.


Let a man lift himself by his own Self alone; and let him not lower himself. For this Self alone is the friend of oneself, and this Self is the enemy of oneself. (SwC)


The person who has won victory over the mind is filled with peace and experiences only the Self. In heat or cold, in pleasure or pain, in honor or disgrace, he is ever in Him.

In deep solitude, day after day, let the practitioner keep the mind fixed in steady concentration, hoping for nothing, desiring nothing.

He whose mind is harmonized in yoga sees himself existing in all beings and all beings in himself. He sees the same Self everywhere.


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