Whenever there is a decay of dharma and unrighteousness increases, then I am born as a human being.

He who knows my birth as God and who knows my sacrifice, when he leaves his mortal body, goes no more from death to death; for he in truth comes to me. Freed from attachment, fear and anger, absorbed in Me, purified by the fire of Knowledge, many have attained my Being. (JM, SwC)

He who sees inaction in action and action in inaction is wise among men. He is a true yogi and in all his works finds peace.

He who has given up attachment to the fruits of work, who is ever content, who does not depend upon anything; though engaged in action, he does not do anything.


Content with whatever comes, free from the pairs of opposites, free from malice, balanced in success and failure, though acting, he is not bound.

O Arjuna. He who makes pure his works by yoga, whose doubts are cleared by direct Knowledge, and who is established in the Self, is free from the bondage of ego-centered work.

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