Karma(Action or Work)


Whatever work we do can lead us to the higher—provided our motivation is beneficent. When the mind is linked to something higher than self-centered reward, inner purification proceeds. And all life becomes a university.
  Perform thy duty even if it be humble, rather than another's, even if it be great. To die in one's duty is life: to live in another's is death. 3:35 (Bhagavad Gita)  

Action in the world, in accordance with our interests and abilities can be a precious opportunity to learn and see and be and purify. As we perform our roles with an awareness of the whole, we contribute to the harmony of the whole. When we act solely for selfish reward, this leads to reactions and obstacles in the larger totality. Self-centeredness cannot help but lead to divisiveness and hatred; good will and awareness lead to expansion and contentment. Krishna tells us no conscious intention is ever wasted—no spiritual effort is ever useless.
  On this path of action as a yoga, no effort is ever lost. Even just a little practice protects a person from the greatest fear. 2:40  


monkey and the dog

This little monkey from Benares tried again and again to jump on the back of the dog. But the dog kept running away. Finally after a long time of persistent effort, the monkey achieved his goal. And both were joyous! This is how our monkey mind can come to rest in loving devotion.
  In deep solitude, let the yogi try to keep the mind in steady concentration always—hoping for nothing, desiring nothing. 6:10



 —from The Blue God
Lalit Kala Akademi 

Just as Krishna conquers the serpent Kaliya, our innermost Self can transform all our venom, all our ignorance, all our fear—gradually and steadily. All we have to do is look and see. Cast away all harsh judgement. Just feel. Just see. As our practice deepens, our inner Consciousness will help us with the rest. For this witness is our real friend.
  Knowing That which is greater than reason, allow the Self to restrain the mind. And vanquish the enemy—the form of ego-centered desire—which is very difficult to dissolve. 3:43

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