—photo by Ravi Kapoor

emotions churn
confusion covers life
the sun always shines

permeating all
I have existed always
I never perish

My nature is bliss
pervading deep inside
My nature is Love

to know Me
act on in the world outside
as is your nature

offer the results to Me
let go of fear, doubt and craving
remember Me and revel
in the game of life

the sacrifice of creation
brings worlds into being
we too can participate

everything we do or say
each austerity we practice
purification, contemplation, meditation

even our desire
our food, our very breath
a connection with the divine

become fit to be a cell
in the body of the Totality!

to truly know
I am not the doer
while continuing to do
wisdom accrues

in joyous equanimity
wherever and whatever
renunciation abides

while moving
train the mind in silence
until wholeness

without movement
train the mind in stillness
until unity

when he sees me in all
and he sees all in me
then I never leave him and
he never leaves me.”

invisible is
the true foundation of life
One Reality

nature pulsates
exuding loving consciousness
taste it

there are many worlds
of the living and the dead
pierce them all through love

at the last moment
when the great transition comes
be only in Me

all are in Me
the Source of all that lives
worship Me with love

unborn I manifest
the essence of everyone
everything I am

with the divine eye
see My presence continuous
beyond the realm of time

worlds of dazzling splendor
black holes and jaws of death
I maintain them all
ever peaceful

I love them all
who worship Me with devotion
or dispassion

love only Me
in all creatures and happenings
with faith in My eternity

to know the field
and the knower of the field
is to know Me

beyond beginningless nature
beyond pleasure and pain
beyond matter and feeling consciousness
Know Me

three ropes of matter
ever bind us to the world
cut them

with the scissors of consciousness
know and feel and see
in utter detachment

the tree of life
with root beyond the firmament
eternal essence seed

enmeshed in the tree we die
discover the root
and live

divine wealth
leads us to our Self
the path of light

the way of ignorance
haphazard and entrenched
perpetual darkness

become fit
to transcend
endless cycles!

whatever we do
do it with faith
whatever we say
say it with faith
whatever we give
give it with faith

a golden thread
sews all our actions
to the infinite

surrender all selfishness
to Me
in wholesomeness

imperfect though your work may be
offer everything to Me
with remembrance love

and you will be stainless
and you will be in Me

—from The Bhagavad Gita and Inner Transformation

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